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In order to take part in your practical exam, you will need to have already obtained your theoretical exam. For the driving lessons, however, having passed your theoretical exam is not mandatory, although it is highly recommendable. Being aware of traffic rules is not only useful, but it is also likely make you feel more comfortable in your driving. You can choose to study for your theoretical exam on your own, but it is also possible to follow our theoretical course class. During this class, the theory is illustrated by a skillful teacher, and students have an opportunity to ask questions.This course takes place over the course of 1 day, and it also includes an application for the theoretical exam.

You can choose to do an interim test. This is a driving test which works as a real exam. It is not mandatory, the choice is entirely yours. The advantages are that you can get used to the exam situation, you can ask the CBR examiner tips and it is possible that you get exemption for specific transactions in the real practical exam.

If after 4 practical exams, you have unfortunately not been able to pass yet, then the 5th exam will be a special exam, called the Nader Onderzoek Rijvaardigheid (Further Investigation Driving ability). Including the drive itself, this will include approximately 70 minutes. During this exam, you are given extra guidance and time.

The practical exam lasts for a total of approximately 55 minutes. During the +/- 35 minute drive, the examiner assesses the following skills (among others!):

• Vehicle control • Looking behaviour • Giving right of way • Passing • Merging/Joining traffic • Intersections and roundabouts (rotary intersections) • Specific operations

After the drive, you and the examiner will have a brief conversation, during which you will be informed on whether you have passed or failed your exam. In case of a failed exam, you may also receive an advise on your driving style.

Prior to the practical exam, a Health Declaration has to be filled in. It consists of 11 questions regarding your physical and mental condition. This is needed by the CBR in order for them to evaluate whether you are fit for driving or not. Please submit a health declaration on www.cbr.nl, this costs €34,80. You do need your DigiD for this. It can take up to 4 weeks before the CBR accepts it. We can only book the practical exam after this has been accepted. We also need your authorization to book the practical exam. You can do this on www.cbr.nl as well. Our driving school number is 5306H6.