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Our method

Our Method

We offer the possibility of a trial lesson. The driving instructor evaluates, amongst other things, your traffic insight, and your learning pace. The trial lesson concludes with an intake interview, during which you will receive an advise on which lesson bundle is best fit for you. Subsequently, you are presented with a personalised lesson plan that is fine-tuned to your individual pace, abilities and experience. You can opt for single lessons, or for an even more profitable lesson bundle.

We use instruction cards, which facilitate tracking your progress, and identifying the skills that you have already mastered – or those needing some extra attention. Furthermore, the instruction card has also proven to be a useful indicator of when a student is ready for his or her practical exam. It is important to us that our students experience their driving lessons as comfortable and relaxed as possible. That is why you will have the same instructor for all your driving lessons, and you will be driving in the same, well-equipped car (no-smoking). By minimising any hindering distractions, we aim to ensure your focus being fully directed at driving.

Everyone is welcome at Rijschool GO!. For example, have you already obtained your driver’s license, but not driven in a long time, and are you anxious about being on the road again? Even for a couple of refresher driving lessons, you can contact us. Together we will gently and gradually restore the confidence that you need, and before you know it, you will be driving independently again.

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